Shelley Mistelbacher


Ho​m​e St​aging Tips

Staging Tips for Closets

Closet space is what most prospective buyers are looking for!  We may not all have "Million Dollar Closets", however, here are a few tips to help them appear as large as possible:

1) Clean space from top to bottom

2) Declutter, leaving 50% full

3) Use baskets on top shelves to organize

4) Sort all clothes by colour

5) Use matching hangers

6) Clear closet floors as much as possible

7) Avoid object/clothes hanging on doors

8) Add a fresh coat of white paint

9) Make any repairs to doors and hinges

10) Last but not least... fold a clean, white towel over laundry baskets because no one needs to see your dirty laundry!

Staging Tips for Bathrooms

The most important thing of all when it comes to staging a bathroom is CLEANLINESS!  Second to that, bathrooms need to have that Spa like feeling whether its a tiny powder room or a grand master en-suite.  For one of the smallest spaces in the home, I have sooo many tips for this one!!!  But I've narrowed it down to my top ten below:

1) Declutter (less is definitely more)

2) Fresh, clean towels, preferably white

3) Mirror is to scale of the sink and countertop

4) Clean and organize under sink

5) Fix caulking and grout around tub

6) Fresh, clean, neutral shower curtain

7) Repair or replace dated faucets

8) Clean exhaust fan

9) Fresh coat of paint on walls, door and trim

10) Toilet seat and lid down at all times (sorry guys!)


Staging Tips for your Pantry

A well organized pantry is the key to prospective buyers hearts!  Remember to pay attention to the details. The little things. You want them to be WOWED when they open the pantry door!  Whether it's a full walk-in, a simple closet, or an open shelving unit... the pantry needs to be organized and pleasing to the eye.  There are many food storage options to help you get organized from plastic containers to glass jars that are both practical and stylish. Decide what works best for your family, pantry space. and food needs, then start organizing!  Below are a few tips to help you get started:

1) Clean and dust pantry well

2) Organize all jars, cans and boxes

3) Use stylish containers 

4) Throw out unused and expired items

5) Keep spices in air tight containers to eliminate odors

6) Keep items off the floor as much as possible

7) If necessary, apply a fresh coat of paint to the interior

8) Repair doors and hinges if necessary

9) Keep pantry well lit, if applicable

10) Minimize items such as appliances and cleaning supplies

Staging Tips for Lighting

Inadequate lighting can make a room look dim and dull.  When you add bright lights and fixtures, it changes the feel of the room dramatically.  And since buyers think with their hearts most of the time, paying attention to lighting is a must!  Below are some useful tips for preparing your home for sale in terms of lighting:

1) Clean interior and exterior lighting

2) Ensure all fixtures and bulbs are in working order

3) Use maximum wattage for light bulbs

4) Replace old dated fixtures

5) Use mirrored and/or glass fixtures to reflect light

6) When possible, use 3 forms of lighting per room

7) Use white lamp shades to allow more light in the room

8) Be mindful of size and shape of lighting (too small/large for the space

9) Use LED lights for energy savings

10) Avoid spiral light bulbs where they are visible (these are not aesthetically pleasing)

Staging Tips for Home Offices

When it comes to Home Offices, not all houses technically have them.  If you have 3 or more bedrooms in your home and not all are occupied, consider converting one into a home office.  Nowadays with more and more people working from home, a dedicated workspace is essential for inspiring productivity.  Below are tips to help stage your home office like a pro:

1) Clean and tidy workspace

2) Desktop should be clear of clutter

3) Depersonalize by removing all photos/diplomas/paperwork etc

4) Remove all furniture but the essentials 

5) Use office organizers to contain private information

6) Keep artwork and accessories neutral

7) Ensure the desk and chair are in an appropriate location of the room

8) Consider replacing old, dated technology with wireless choices

9) Repaint walls in neutral colour

10) Add some greenery to the space

11) *BONUS* Add a sleek or fun chair to the space as the eye candy of the room!

Staging Tips for your Garage

Have you ever gone into a showing or open house and thought WOW this home is so beautifully maintained... and then you go into the garage and it's a DISASTER?!  You're then left with a completely different opinion of the house AND the homeowners.  A surprising 32% of home buyers believe that the garage is one of the most important rooms in the house, so don't overlook it!  Below are a few tips to help you get started:

1) Thoroughly clean and declutter

2) Organize using hooks and shelving units

3) Keep only related items such as garbage bins, tools, lawn items etc

4) Hang items such as bikes for additional space

5) Repair, replace or repaint exterior garage doors

6) If necessary paint interior, including the floor

7) Clean windows inside and out

8) Ensure garage doors are in working order

9) Ensure there is adequate lighting

10) Ideally, you should be able to envision a vehicle(s) fitting in the space